Too Fast’s Cirque Couture

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Step right up and check out Too Fast’s Cirque Couture, Strange and Bizarre Clothing and Accessories for Freaks & Geeks of all ages. It’s a Carnival Of Clothing. Rockabilly, Punk and Tattoo Inspired Oddities & Curiosities.

Too Fast is the two headed freak baby of punk rock and high fashion. We are the original weirdo’s with fashion and music on our minds and on our bodies. We lived fast and loud and are still standing, at least long enough to tell our story through our clothes, a virtual sideshow of freakish clothing and accessories that will keep you staring, gawking and coming back for more. Come one, come all, Too Fast is the greatest fashion show on under the sun!

Too Fast’s designs are inspired by high fashion, yet stay lowbrow. Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Betsey Johnson are a few of our favorite designers who constantly inspire and fuel our new clothing designs. Other fashion inspirations are Iggy Pop, Nancy Spungen, & Courtney Love. We love the mix of high fashion and with low class. It’s the conflict of two that keeps our line interesting and unusual. This is where we really stand apart from the rest.

We gotta keep it new and exciting! We are just one more alternative dress away from being exactly like the rest of them! Too Fast tries new shapes that you will not find everywhere else. We are giving punk & goth clothing a makeover. Instead of the same boring thing we have all seen one hundred times over. Too Fast has set out to create wearable pieces of art as an alternative to your typical punk or pin up style of the past.

Too Fast’s collection of eclectic and outstanding designs has echoed internationally, building fans from all over the world. Too Fast is worn by rock stars and pin up’s alike. You can see our brand worn by members of the Nekromantix, Avril Lavigne, among others.

Each piece from Too Fast Brand allows people to express their own individuality. Self expression is key. We have been classified and streamlined long enough. We need to step outside the box and take a look around. We live in a society that constantly pushes us to buy certain products. However, in matters of clothing, it’s always been more of a personal style, in which case we do not wish to sacrifice self-expression. Within our own style, we can place our personal identity into what we are wearing. “What we believe in, what we stand for in and who we are as individuals.” says Danso.

Too Fast.
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