New Interview Just Posted at FullMoonThrills

Here is the short interview I did for this cool cute blogger you need to check out: FullMoonThrills check her out and check out the interview and pics below!

“Hey Guys! I recently teamed up with Too Fast, a cute alternative Online Shop from the US which was founded in 2006. They also have a sister brand called Rat Baby which was founded 5 years ago.

The founder, Maureen, grew up on punk rock – the real, original one. It was a time where “punk was more than just music, it was a whole lifestyle, it was a revolution at the time.” Maureen said she fell in love with how “all the punk kids made their own DIY stuff; studded jackets, patches on everything, ripped tees” so much she decided to turn punk rock into a business.

But Maureen is not the only face behind the brand: while she focuses on Rat Baby, Karen focuses more on Too Fast. They work as a team when it comes to finding new ideas and designs – Maureen says she prefers it to be a “small company with a small design team”. But let’s see what she says herself about the two brands: “

Too Fast Brand:
Too Fast is one of the original alternative, punk & tattoo clothing brands. We still remember when tattoos were for sailors, madmen, gypsies & outlaws, instead of the mass majority. We grew up on punk rock & horror movies. Music is and was everything. And only because we have lived through it all are we able to remain true to our roots while continuing to break new ground with our designs. Utilizing a unique ability to speak to the past, present, and future of alternative culture, we have established ourselves in the past 12 years as one of the most competitive brands in underground fashion.

Rat Baby Brand:
Rat Baby is brought to you by the crazy bitches & dirty witches that brought you Too Fast. We are a lil bit creepy & a whole lot weird! Inspired by gritty punk rock & a shit ton of metal, we are neck-deep in the trashy swamp that is rock-n-roll fashion. We are obsessed with gothic clothing, 90s grunge and alternative fashion. So sit back but hold on tight, cause we are going straight to hell…

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